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Ottawa’s homeless period was started in 2016 during the holiday season as a way of helping the vulnerable women in our community.


It was an effort to give back to the less fortunate in our city, initially this project was started with homeless women in mind and that has been our primary focus. The homeless women of Ottawa risk so much on the streets every day and I wanted to make sanitary products easily accessible to them.


Over the last few years, we have shifted the vision of the organization to focus on making more products accessible to women in need or facing hard financial times. Advocating for the end of period poverty and menstrual education have also become key elements of our vision as an organization.


The grim truth is without the proper hygiene, each month during their menstrual cycle these women are at risk of getting staph infections or worse. By providing them with feminine products, this initiative aims at helping build confidence for these women to go about their day without the worry of period leakage on their clothing.


The future of a community is everyone’s responsibility and I wanted to play my part in creating a better tomorrow for these women.

Everyone deserves a safe and dignified period 

Our Mission

Ottawa's Homeless Period is focused on advocating for menstrual product access locally and internationally. We are proud to continue to be able to provide underprivileged women and girls with menstrual products. We are continuously working on strategies to end period stigma and create content which empowers women and girls.

Our Mission

Menstrual access for all is a human right!

We Need Your Support Today!

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